As you are deciding how to divide your ad budget, we are offering to you an underwriting special: buy one for $1.00 and get one free with a minimal purchase of 100 spots.  For a mere tax-deductible $100, your business name will be heard by our HUM listeners which consists of the widest demographics of all stations in this market area. You receive business recognition and the HUM receives your support for operation expenses and equipment needed to keep WHUM radio  humming along!  


WHUM is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit community radio station that receives its operating revenue from underwriters, grants, & donations. Your company or organization may support the great eclectic music aired by WHUM and gain name recognition through underwriting.

WHUM is a non-commercial public radio station and must adhere to special rules and regulations as governed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Underwriting announcements may consist of name, address and telephone number, website address, brand or trade name of the sponsor’s product or service, value-neutral descriptions of products or services, non-promotional slogan, and historical information, such as the length of time the underwriter’s establishment has served the area.  These rules do not apply to other not-for-profits!

Thank you for considering supporting WHUM, 98.5 F.M. Columbus/98.3 F.M. Seymour, Indiana with your underwriting dollars to keep the HUM humming along!