WHUM is a not-for-profit, non-commercial, radio station.  WHUM 98.5 F.M. Columbus/98.3 F.M. Seymour, are the most eclectic stations you will ever hear!  WHUM is truly an  'island unto itself' in regards to music in these times.   WHUM  plays music that has international flavors to serve the musical needs of our growing diverse communities. 

Our philosophy is that people are not one-dimensional.  So why should a radio station be?  Rather than program different formats for the mornings, afternoons, or evening.  WHUM  is proud to present many eras and genres of music all mixed together 24/7.  The only exception is Sunday mornings.  That's when we air good old hymns from 5 a.m.- 8 a.m.  At 8 a.m.- 8:45 a.m. join Dwayne Gandy for a sermon that will help you in your everyday life, sponsored by the Lakeview Church of Christ.  After Dwayne's sermon,  back to hymns from 8:45 a.m.-10:00 a.m.  It's the gospel that many Americans grew up with, but can no longer hear.

What do we mean by eclectic?  Well, you may hear Cajun followed by Reggae, New Age, Inca, Classic Country, Medieval, Irish, & Bluegrass.  But don't be surprised when it's followed by Folk, Oldies, Celtic, Adult Standards, Classic Rock, Gospel, Alternative, & Adult Contemporary.  Have you got the idea yet?  On WHUM, we always keep you guessing!  Many listeners tell us WHUM  is "addictive," since our variety just keeps you wanting more!  You just never know what to expect next!

Sure, a few conforming skeptics may wonder how we can go from Andrea Bocelli...to Richard Thompson...Sam Cook...Bennie Goodman...Beatles...B.B. King...Johnny Cash...Billy Holiday...The Rat Pack...The Drifters...Dolly...Cher...and onto the late great Louis Armstrong...Phish...The Clash...Blondie...Edith Pilaf...Pink Floyd... Marilyn Monroe...Moody Blues...Glenn Miller...Rolling Stones...Pete Seeger...Peter, Paul & Mary...Planxty...Ledbelly...Sissel...Josh Grobin...Enya...Ramones...Rusted Root just to mention a few out of our extensive play list.  They'll ask us:  "How can a mix like this possibly flow together?"  It's easy because all the eras and genres are what our American Heritage music evolved from. 

Forget those skeptics.  Just relax and listen to WHUM.  It will not take long before you soon realize how these songs all evolved from each other.  Tune in for more surprises than any other radio station has to offer you.  There is no place like HUM sweet HUM!